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The new 2018 BHOOT, stay always versatile with a new brand design. This year, there are 3 different sizes to find the best board according to your ride and your size.

Asymmetric outline and pads/straps very comfortable the Bhoot allows ride and progress in both freestyle and freeride.

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-Carbon manufacturing


-New straps positions

-New scoop

-New flex

-European Manufacture





This new board, brings many news especially thanks to its new construction. The carbon manufacturing allows to give more nervousness and lightness. So, it will be more nervous no matter the practice or the conditions. 

The Bhoot is a versatile board thanks to its stability that will be perfect for novice’s riders, as well as the most experienced riders looking for sensations on a quality board. 

The asymmetrical outline of the board and its flex on the extremities gives an easy and efficient control of the board.

Its manufacture in wood core/Fiberglass/carbon gives maximum strength and durability over time.

The new positions of the straps (3 different positions: Wakestyle, Freeride, Light Wind) allows the rider to adapt his type of practice according to his size. The boards can be with shoes for expert in wakestyle. 





Progressive Scoop


The scoop’s BHOOT has been developed to give more control without needed a larger board. It is defined according to each size’s BHOOT



The largest board (142X43cm) will be ideal for large size. It allows to ride with straps or freestyle boots. Its moderate flex has been developed in a way for a little stiffer under the feet to get a maximum of pop while keeping the flex at the extremities for soft receptions. 


The intermediate model (136X42cm) is the most versatile of the range. The board has been developed for versatility use in freeride. It allows to have a wide range of use. The flex is more flexible than the 142X43 model for maximum versatility.



The smaller model (130X39) meanwhile will be oriented for smaller sizes, but also for other riders in the strong wind. The flex resumes that of the intermediate board (136X42cm) for maximum comfort.



These last two models have a softer flex for maximum comfort whatever the conditions, nevertheless they are nonetheless nervous thanks to the carbon construction. 

This new shape makes it possible to ride in the chop more serenely and to keep comfort in the receptions of the jumps.



3D deck and hull


The hull was worked to minimize the drag of the board in the water.

The extremities of the board have a hull with light channels on the underside to give control of the board while facilitating the flow’s water under the board to increase the speed.

The hull has a mono-concave between the feet allowing an early planning.


The 3D deck shape of the board gives the most brings a maximum of nervousness and rigidity between the feet while maintaining flexibility at the ends.


The specific shape of the board gives the most experienced riders a maximum of pop, nervousness (increased thickness between the feet) while keeping an ease of use for the freeride and comfort during jumps (soft receptions).


The jumps are straightforward, the receptions are sweet and the chop is better cushioned.


Asymmetrical Outline


The board outline is asymmetrical. This innovation that we launched in 2009 is still relevant today. 

The frontside edge (tiptoe side) is rounder than the backside edge (heel side). This configuration allows a better feeling in frontside for freeride, wave riding and backside for freestyle.

The tenser backside outline gives maximum power and pop during jumps.

The outline frontside allows an ideal control in switch navigation and bottom turn in the waves (better with a 7-8cm fin).

The more pinched outline on the extremities of the board associated with an optimal position of the fins allows a better flow of water and prevents splashing water on the rider.





This year again, the new BHOOT confirms its versatility with is three different sizes that allow riders to adapt the type of ride according to its size.

Its unique shape and new straps allow you to progress both freestyle and freeride.







The board has a new construction.

The machined wood core with specific machines combined with a carbon/fiberglass construction, has reduced the weight of the board by 10% while having more nervousness and unequaled comfort in the chop.

The carbon allows a better nervousness and lightness without increasing the thickness of the board.

The board sole is made of very resistant materials for intensive use even on wake modules.

The slightly grainy finish promotes sliding of the board.

The board is varnished on the top for a high-end finish.




The 3D pads of the BHOOT have been totally modified but retain adjustable straps for more comfort.

The set straps/pads are adjustable in depth and position on the board.

So, whether you’re wearing 46 or 36, the pad setting is optimal.

The fins delivered are 4,5cm high. It is possible to put smaller fins (2,5cm) for freestyle use in shoes or to put an 8cm fin on the frontside edge for wave riding to get more control at the bottom turn.

The handle delivered facilitates the transport and allows a maximum of control during no-foot.




Three sizes are available : 





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BHOOT 2018 -50%

BHOOT 2018 -50%

The new 2018 BHOOT, stay always versatile with a new brand design. This year, there are 3 different sizes to find the best board according to your ride and your size.

Asymmetric outline and pads/straps very comfortable the Bhoot allows ride and progress in both freestyle and freeride.

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