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The new ZEEKO Pocket Air V3 board completes the hydrid foil range. This year, we find a wider range of use thanks to a greater larger allowing to ride in light winds without real constraints.

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  - New outline and new scoop

  - Increased finish

  - More accessibility and versatility

  - Lightness thanks to its hybrid core and carbon construction





Our new Pocket Air board is very accessible, perfect for the beginners, thanks to its easiness and robustness. It allows easy and effective control of the foil in all circumstances.

The board was developed to obtain a maximum stability, allowing to progress serenely.

The Pocket Air is also for expert riders looking for strength and versatility.





The scoop of the Pocket Air is very pronounced at the front, which allows an ideal control during the touch in use foil, without needing more volume. This model is perfect for beginners with an adequate foil by the facility of its access (Spitfire, Bullet or Blaster).

The most experienced riders will find a maximum of pleasure for a Freeride use thanks to its facility of navigation and its robustness.

The board can satisfy a wide public and allows beginners to get their first ride and progress without being limited by the equipment.



The board is equipped with inserts ton install twin-tips fins (available in option). So, the board is really versatile and usable in directional without foil. This facilitates the transport and travel because with a single board, a foil and two kites it is possible to cover 8 to 30 knots of wind depending of the desired use.


The outline of the board has been designed for optimal use in foil. The pinched back of the board allows during the touch to keep control. The rails are rounded for maximum safety.

This same pinched back gives maximum handling to the board with fins. The board is comfortable in the chop and even to ride in the waves.





The new Pocket Air has been wide to 50cm for an easiest use in the light wind. Its low volume helps the foiler in its first steps and gives an important control in use with fins.


The board is usable in strapless, or with 1-2 or 3 straps. It adapts itself to your desire (jumps, surf, foil).


Most snowboard-type foil boards aren’t stiff enough for foil use. The new Pocket Air, thanks to its thickness and its construction is the stiffest in this technology. This stiffness is ideal to learn foil and for optimal control in all circumstances. Furthermore, the construction of the board has been developed for an unequaled weight/rigidity ratio. The bi-material core allows a weight reduction of 10% of the board (3,6kg +/- 8%) while having an exceptional solidity.


To increase the stiffness of the board, a longitudinal carbon reinforcement was added. Stiffness is increased by 15% for a lighter weight.

The board is manufactured under press with ABS fields for maximum strength like a snowboard. Thanks to this manufacturing process, beginners can ride serenely without fear of breaking the board (by remaining reasonable).





Fixing the mast with the foil is done by plate to gain simplicity.

The spacing of the holes is 165X90mm

It is recommended to use T-Gel for the screws supplied during the buying.




The board size is 150 X 50cm with a 17mm thickness


A full range of foils fins are available. All ZEEKO foils are compatible


The foil-board fixing screws are delivered with the board.

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The new ZEEKO Pocket Air V3 board completes the hydrid foil range. This year, we find a wider range of use thanks to a greater larger allowing to ride in light winds without real constraints.

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